The Air With Care installation team provides complete, tailored solutions to meet any domestic, commercial and industrial air-conditioning needs. Our experienced installation technicians demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and the high level of courtesy you should expect, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Always working promptly and efficiently, we will maintain a clean and tidy work area at all times.

Installations of air-conditioning plant by Air With Care is only part of the job – commissioning it to work efficiently is equally as important. We work hard to ensure that every Air With Care installation operates efficiently including careful use of energy, and comfortable air balancing throughout the servicing area.

From time to time air-conditioning tenders are won purely on price, and when the resulting installations do not perform to specification, Air With Care is often called in to consult and provide remedial solutions.

One of the chief complaints is that the air-conditioning is over efficient in some areas, and non-existent in others. Comfort level and energy efficiency are seriously affected when air balance is not correct. Our technicians ensure the job is done correctly the first time which is a key reason we have been able to develop the reputation of Air With Care since our very first installation over 30 years ago.


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Industrial steel air conditioning and ventilation systems