Is the Duct System in Your Building a Source of Dust Problem?

By superadmin on June 28, 2016 in Blog

Commercial buildings can be dirty and dusty places. With so many workers, patrons and service workers coming and going every day of the week, a lot of dirt dust and other debris is brought in from the street. Unless it’s a muddy and rainy day, you might not notice the dirt, dust and other floating particles that enter every time the door is opened and people come and go. Over time, these floating particles build up and can quickly be visible on all the surfaces in your commercial space.

Many building owners and renters will literally spend hours dusting in an effort to battle a buildup in their stores and office spaces, but to no avail the dust returns. One major source of dust that many building owners and renters don’t consider is the duct system that services the building.

Commercial duct systems gather dust just like the other areas of your space, in an even more aggressive way.  They have intakes that continuously draw air in and then distribute it throughout your building. If you’ve had recent construction or renovation work done the dust particles that build up in your duct system can be even worse.

Commercial Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Whether you run a restaurant, a retail store, or a large commercial building, you know how important cleanliness is to your customers, residents, employees, tenants, and any visitors to your building. Commercial air conditioning units have the ability to filter the air that’s circulated through your building, but not all of it will be properly cleaned, especially if there is a buildup of dust in your duct system. This buildup can also affect the efficiency and functionality of your HVAC systems, which can end up costing you money on your energy bills.

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