Is your kitchen exhaust cleaning company doing a good job?

By superadmin on May 24, 2016 in Blog

We have been approaching new commercial clients in Sydney recently regarding the condition of their kitchen exhaust duct. Quite surprisingly to our clients, we found that a lot of the restaurants and clubs we approached were not getting what they expected from their duct kitchen exhaust cleaning companies. More specifically we found only some parts of the internal walls of duct were being thoroughly cleaned and this was quite obvious from the amount of grease build up found on the uncleaned sections. Quite often it was observed that the hard to reach places had the thickest build up grease.

We would explain to the various clubs and restaurants where this was the case that the hard to reach areas of duct could be accessed a lot easier by simply installing access panels at regular intervals along the duct. This work is only required once as the access panels are gasket sealed and can be removed easily for any future duct wall cleans when required. This simple one off process ensures the duct cleaning can be done properly, throughout the whole length of duct, and there will be no parts left uncleaned. This ensures our client’s insurance policies are not violated.

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