Why Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Is Necessary

By superadmin on June 2, 2016 in Blog

Did you know that a massive 70 percent of commercial kitchen fires start because of faulty ducting and ventilation? That’s because grease and fat tend to build up, making kitchen exhaust duct cleaning a necessity.

Often, kitchen managers and chefs believe that if the filters and canopy look clean, the job is done. But the problem occurs when the ductwork behind the kitchen extract system becomes dirty and neglected.

Why Kitchen Duct Cleaning Should Be a Regular Occurrence

  1. It Creates a Healthy Working Environment

Air duct cleaning is essential for a healthy working environment. Extractor fans require regular duct cleaning services to maintain optimal air flow in the kitchen. If they become blocked with grease and dirt, they won’t be able to remove heat, cooking smells and hazardous Carbon Monoxide.

  1. Eliminate Fire Hazards

Many canopy kitchen extract systems have filters that are the first line of defence against grease. However, smaller particles inevitably do pass through the filters and into the ductwork. While the kitchen extract system is easy enough to access, the ductwork behind it can be a little trickier and will require professional and experienced duct cleaning services.

If you try to turn a blind eye and fail to carry out regular kitchen exhaust duct cleaning operations, the dirt and grease will build up and could potentially cause a fire. If a fire inspector discovers that you have not been keeping the ductwork clean, you could face prosecution for negligence in your kitchen.


If you want to ensure regular air duct cleaning and a healthy working environment, lower fire risks and avoid facing the law for carelessness, the answer is to hire a professional kitchen duct cleaning company.

For assistance with keeping your commercial kitchen’s air ducts clean and regularly serviced, contact Air with Care today.