When Is It Time to Hire Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Services?

By superadmin on June 2, 2016 in Blog

Have you ever considered air conditioning duct cleaning? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and you don’t know if the previous occupants used air duct cleaning services.

While it may not be compulsory to have the entire heating and cooling system in your home cleaned with the same frequency as other parts of the house, it is essential that the system is well maintained in order to protect your family and home from diseases and ensure the system functions properly.

How to Tell When It’s Time for an Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

  • The vents in your house’s rooms are dusty, even after you have cleaned them. You’ll notice dust coming out of them when you switch the system on
  • You can see mould or fungi growing inside the ducts
  • You can see a build-up of debris inside the air ducts
  • There are pools of water within the air ducts or other parts of the system
  • The system is infected with rodents or bugs

Hiring Professional Duct Cleaning Services

You should consider having your air conditioning system assessed by a professional, especially if you have noticed symptoms of asthma and allergies in you and your family. This could be an indication of toxic mould and other contaminants inside the ducts. A thorough and careful air duct cleaning will remove the contaminants.

Another advantage to hiring a professional cleaning service is that the technician will be able to assess and clean the dryer vent. These vents can easily get stuck with lint and fibres from the laundry, reducing the functionality of the system. This can even create a fire hazard.

Contact Air with Care Today

Regular air conditioning duct cleaning will help to shield your home from sudden fires and a myriad of health hazards. To have your ducts properly checked and attended to, contact us today.