Why is cleaning your kitchen exhaust is so important?

By superadmin on May 24, 2016 in Blog

Kitchen exhaust ducts are designed to remove the heat and odours created while a commercial kitchen is operating. Unfortunately over time the grease generated from cooking catches on the duct walls and builds up to not only create a health and safety issue, but also posing a major fire hazard if left un-cleaned. Each year in Australia there are millions of dollars worth of damage to restaurants, clubs and buildings which stem from problematic kitchen exhaust ducts. The good news is these fires can be easily prevented with right kitchen exhaust duct cleaning maintenance programme.

Quite often restaurants will keep their kitchen tidy and minimise fire hazards in the areas that can be seen by the naked eye. However it is just as important to ensure inside the exhaust hoods and duct are cleaned and maintained in a similar fashion.

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